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Ruth Hunters Book Repair

About Ruth

Repairing books, both paperback and hardback, has been an interest of Ruth Hunter for many years. She started learning about mending books while working in her college library and continued doing so in different libraries during her husband's graduate work. After receiving her master's degree in Library Science, her interest in keeping books in good repair continued as she served in several school libraries. After attending a workshop in book repair sponsored by the Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts of Philadelphia, she learned to be more attentive to the methods which would prolong the lives of books in the long run instead of using old mending methods which have sometimes harmed them. She has now retired from her last position where she was in charge of book repair at Bryn Mawr College.

Keeping books strong, useful and attractive is her goal. She does not work on valuable books when restoration to original condition is the goal. However, if you have favorite out-of-print books or often used books that are falling apart, she would be happy to repair them for you.

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